What is Broadleaf Plantain and How Do I Control It?

Broadleaf plantain are just plain ugly and obtrusive.

While you may be able to tolerate a lawn with some more subtle looking weeds, broadleaf plantains are just plain ugly and obtrusive. Unfortunately, they grow all the way through from spring to fall, popping up as soon as your lawn begins to experience even a hint of neglect. But don't worry, we've got the info you need to fight back.

What is Broadleaf Plantain?

Even if you aren't sure what broadleaf plantain is, chances are you've seen it. This tough weed isn't at all picky about where it puts down roots, and you'll find it between cracks in the sidewalk, along roadsides, in parks, and in neglected lawns or grassy areas. What's more, it will brazenly take over both sunny and shady spots (though it does prefer the moist shade). Broadleaf plantain is perennial, meaning it fully intends to encroach on your lawn year after year. It sports broad, oval-shaped leaves (unlike buckhorn plantain, which has long, narrow leaves) and, in the spring, tall flower spikes grow boldly skyward from the center of the plant.

How to Control Broadleaf Plantain

  1. Skip the Hand-Pulling

    Plantains have shallow root systems, so why not just yank them out one by one? Here's why: If you leave behind even the tiniest bit of root, the plant will regenerate. Likewise, plucking or mowing the flower stalk won't help, as the plant will just grow another one.

  2. Apply Roundup® For Lawns

    Here's the super-effective way to kill the plantain in your lawn: Apply Roundup® for Lawns as directed on the package. It targets all of the broadleaf weeds listed on the back of the bottle, including plantain, without doing a lick of harm to your lawn (when used as directed). Don't be discouraged if you have to do some follow-up applications, either. Plantains are ornery and don't always succumb during the first go-around

  3. Maintain a Thick, Green Lawn

    A thick, green lawn is its own best defense against weeds like broadleaf plantain. Such a lawn makes it difficult for weeds to take up residence precisely because it's thick, meaning there simply no room for them to grow. To encourage a lush lawn, give it all the nutrients it needs by feeding it 4 times a year, and raise your mower height so you don't cut your grass too short.

Killing Broadleaf Plantain in Garden Beds

If you have broadleaf plantain popping-up in your garden beds, reach for Roundup® Ready-To-Use Weed & Grass Killer III with Sure Shot® Wand. It will kill broadleaf plantain down to the roots, guaranteed.