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We believe that responsible weed control is an art. So we've put together some fundamental info about those mean, green outdoor nuisances.

We’ve got the 411 on these annoying landscape interlopers—and the key to keeping them out.

Use specialized Roundup® Weed amp; Grass Killer products to keep your driveways, sidewalks, and patios weed-free.

Learn how to battle weeds in vegetable gardens, and how Roundup® Weed amp; Grass Killer products can help.

We believe Where There's a Weed There's a Way. Roundup® Lawn and Garden products offer multiple product lines with unique formulas to meet your needs and kill your weeds.

Removing weeds is one thing, but preventing weeds from coming back can be its own challenge.

If you already own and love a Roundup® Weed & Grass Killer product with a wand, then a refill container will be your best value.

Use this handy guide to identify your grass type.

How to tackle different types of weeds in spring, summer, and fall.

With Roundup® Weed amp; Grass Killer products, one application is usually all it takes to get rid of most pesky weeds.

When it comes to targeting weeds with precision, we like to keep things innovative with specialized applicators for our ready-to-use products.