What Are Weed Control Solutions for Trees and Shrubs?

Control weeds around trees and shrubs with Roundup

Weeds are notorious for taking over areas around shrubs and trees. 

They love stealing nutrients and water and taking advantage of the rich soil that your plants live off of. Fortunately, mulching around trees and shrubs, and applying RoundupĀ® Weed & Grass Killer products are great ways to keep those weeds under control.


1. Size up the area

Plan how big you want the mulch ring around your tree to be ā€” typically, 2 feet wide is a good starting size. The bigger your ring, the less competition your tree will have for moisture and nutrients.

2. Remove the grass

Before laying down the mulch, you'll want to get rid of the grass around your tree. To do this, spray RoundupĀ® Weed & Grass Killer4, then wait just 24 hours before proceeding with your project. If you have a lot of trees or need to mulch larger areas, RoundupĀ® Weed & Grass Killer4 concentrates may be a more economical solution.

3. Choose your edging

There are many different ways to border your mulch ring. Decorative stones or bricks look nice and prevent grass and weeds from creeping into the tree bed.

4. Lay down the mulch

First, though, create a weed barrier that will prevent weeds and grasses from growing for up to 6 months by applying RoundupĀ® Landscape Weed Preventer around the tree. Then, lay down a 2-to-3-inch deep ring of mulch ā€” any more could damage your tree's root system. And keep the ring several inches from the trunk. Remember: Make bagels, not volcanoes!

5. Maintain your mulch

Keep an eye on any weeds or grass trying to creep back toward the tree. Treat small weeds with RoundupĀ® Weed & Grass Killer4 ready-to-use products. Also, since mulch decomposes, you'll want to maintain a 2-to-3-inch depth to keep it looking fresh.