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Crabgrass is just as icky as it sounds. It’s an annual grassy weed that spreads thousands of seeds during its lifespan. 

Arm yourself with the proper know-how to identify and eliminate poison ivy in your landscape.

If you dream of a picture-perfect lawn, clover may be your nemesis.

Also known as wood sorrel, oxalis grows throughout the year in mild climates.

Learn how to control orchardgrass and prevent it from coming back.

With its telltale "fox tail" blooms, this weed looks like it's just begging to be noticed. If you ignore foxtail grass, it will quickly multiply and take over large swathes of your landscape. We can help you rid your lawn of foxtail grass.

Whether you call it dollarweed or pennywort, it’s an aggressive weed that loves to spread through moist shady areas of lawns and gardens.

Dandelions are one of the most infamous of weeds. This broadleaf perennial can grow in any soil

Dallisgrass is one of the most problematic weeds in the southern United States. It loves warm, moist areas and thrives during the summer. And though it’s easy to identify, getting rid of it can be another story.

Do these 5 things to help keep nimblewill out of your lawn.

Monkeygrass is the name for two similar plants that are popular for borders and ground cover.

Kudzu is a fast-growing, aggressive vine easily recognized in the Southeastern United States.