What is Dollarweed and How Do I Control It?

Whether you call it dollarweed or pennywort, it’s an aggressive weed that loves to spread through moist shady areas of lawns and gardens.

By Lorenzarius - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0Pennywort

Whether you want to call it dollarweed or pennywort, this perennial loves the water and thrives in warm temperate regions. Dollarweed is recognizable by its bright green, rounded leaves with wavy margins. Small, white flowers bloom from July to August. But they aren’t as innocent as they may look. Dollarweed spreads by creeping roots (rhizomes). They grow in moist shady lawns, gardens, and unplanted areas.


  1. Keep your lawn luscious

    The best way to get rid of dollarweed is to avoid it in the first place. Regular feedings, 2-4 times per year, provide the nutrients your lawn needs to grow thick to help crowd out dollarweed. Mowing at the height best for your lawn allows the grass to grow thick and develop a deep root system.

  2. Easy on the H2O

    Dollarweed is a water-loving plant and your lawn may not need as much water as you’d think. An inch of water per week is all that it needs. So see what Mother Nature has in store before turning on the sprinkler.

  3. Reach for Roundup® For Lawns

    Apply when the weed is young and actively growing for best results.

Getting Rid of Dollarweed in Garden Beds

For dollarweed growing in your garden beds, use Roundup® Ready-To-Use Weed & Grass Killer III with Sure Shot® Wand to kill them when they are young and actively growing.

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