Where Can I Use Roundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyer?

Whether you are looking to conquer the armies of ants marching across your lawn, get rid of the grubs hiding out in your flower beds, or terminate the ticks that have taken up residence in the shrubs around your home, you've discovered the weapon you need to say a sweet sayonara to the bad bugs in your life: Roundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyer. Now you just have to make sure you use it in all the right places. Here's what you need to know.

Where to Use:

✔ Lawns

✔ Landscapes

✔ Ornamental & flower gardens

✔ Around home foundations

Where Not to Use:

 Vegetable gardens

Tips for Success:

  • For the best results, thoroughly water the treated area as soon as you're done applying Roundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyer.
  • Use a broadcast or drop spreader to apply Roundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyer to your lawn. You'll find the spreader settings on the back of the package.
  • For landscape and flower gardens, opt instead for a hand-held spreader to apply Roundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyer. You'll want to spread 2 pounds of product evenly over a 500-square foot area.
  • Don't applyRoundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyerto areas of your lawn that are waterlogged from excessive rain.
  • Be sure to read and follow all label directions.