How Does Roundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyer Work?

Roundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyer kills bugs both above and below ground, thanks to its dual-action formula.

Roundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyer kills bugs both above and below ground, thanks to its dual-action formula. Think of it as the 1-2 punch you need to rescue your lawn and landscape beds from insect invaders. Here’s a look at the science behind it all.

It Has a Dual-Action Formula

Roundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyer contains two bug-killing ingredients. The first one targets insects that hang out above ground, like ants and spiders, while the second ingredient targets underground dwellers, like grubs.

It Kills Bugs Above Ground

After you apply Roundup® For Lawns Bug Destroyer and water it in, the above-ground ingredient forms a thin layer the soil surface. When an ant, tick, or other bug comes in contact with the layer, its body quickly absorbs it, becomes paralyzed, and dies.

It Targets Bugs Below Ground

Meanwhile, the below-surface ingredient moves into the soil around the root zone of your plants. As soon as the grubs hatch in early summer, they begin to eat anything in front of them – including protected plant roots. Most susceptible when they are very young, the grubs die soon afterward.

It's That Easy!

Just one application early in the spring or summer (before the grubs hatch) is all you need to kill listed bugs both above and below the soil for up to 3 months. Talk about simple!

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