What Is Nimblewill and How Do I Control It?

Do these 5 things to help keep nimblewill out of your lawn.

Nimblewill is a tough invader that can blemish your yard with dense patches of fuzzy-looking weeds. In the fall, it turns brown after the first frost, leaving your lawn a spotted mess. Identify it early and follow the steps below to help banish it from your yard.

What You Need to Know About Nimblewill

  • Warm-season perennial grassy weed
  • Leaves will be 1-2 inches long and about 1/4 inch wide with a blue-green color
  • Seedheads appear as a slender spike
  • Thin, branching root system
  • Spreads by seeds and above-ground stems called stolons
  • Grows 18-24 inches tall


Don't be fooled by the cute name. Where it's shady and damp, this weed sets up camp. Nimblewill is a native grass that lives mostly in the eastern part of the country. It thrives in rich soil and anywhere it can take cover from the sun. This aggressive grass sets seeds in the fall and hides until spring. Here are a few tips for keeping it under control.


  1. Step up drainage.

    If your landscape is damp, Nimblewill will move in. You can arm your soil with compost to help it drain better. Diverting water away from the troubled areas will also help a lot — you can do this with a small, dry stream bed or ditch.

  2. Let the sun help.

    Nimblewill can survive in the sun, but would much rather live in the shade. Disrupt its home by removing branches of overhanging trees, and let the sun do the rest of the work.

  3. Keep your landscape healthy

    A well-fed yard is typically a nimblewill-free yard. By keeping your grass blades thick and healthy, the weed won't be able to establish itself.

  4. Pull nimblewill by hand.

    Fortunately, the roots of Nimblewill are shallow. So if you see ‘em, go ahead and pull ‘em. Just know that you might be pulling up seeds as well.

  5. Bring in backup

    If Nimblewill is too well-established, spot treat it with Roundup® Ready-To-Use Weed & Grass Killer III and that'll be the end of your Nimblewill problem.

    Remember to protect any desirable plants in the area you're spraying, as our products will kill them if they come in contact.