Tips for Using the Sure Shot® Wand and Comfort Wand®

Troubleshooting tips and tricks for how to properly use the Sure Shot® Wand and Comfort Wand®.

The Sure Shot® Wand and Comfort Wand® are great at providing control when spraying weeds, and they’re also a breeze to use. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to stopping weeds with ease.

Trouble using your wand? Jump to one of these topics to find a quick fix.

Motor isn’t running.

Motor runs but wand won’t spray

  1. Unsnap the holder and remove the wand from the side of the bottle.

2. Unwrap the hose completely and pull out the battery tab on the handle. The motor in the wand won't work if the protective battery tab is not removed before the first use.

3. Insert the red plug into the knob on the cap until it clicks, and turn the knob to “ON”. Make sure the red plug is firmly attached to the cap. (If your bottle still has the spout cap instead of the twist cap, make sure the spout is sticking straight up.)

4. Extend the wand until it locks into position.

5. Slide the trigger lock on the handle to the “unlocked” position.

6. Twist nozzle to the desired spray pattern. Make sure it isn’t set to “OFF.” If you’re using the Sure Shot® Wand, snap the protective shield over the wand nozzle.

7. Spray the weeds that you want to kill. It’s that easy.


If You Don't Hear the Motor Running

If you’ve followed the instructions above and the motor of your Comfort Wand® or Sure Shot® Wand still isn’t running, try these steps.

  1. Confirm that the trigger lock is disengaged.
  2. Double-check the battery tab has been removed.
  3. If you still don't hear the motor running, it may be time to change out the batteries. Unscrew the battery compartment on the base of the wand and replace the AA batteries.

If You Hear the Motor Running, but It’s Not Spraying

If the motor is running, but you’re unable to spray, follow these steps to get back into action.

  1. Check the cap.
  2. Make sure the knob is turned to “ON.
  3. Check the nozzle setting.
  4. Confirm the nozzle is rotated to a spray pattern.
  5. Re-prime the sprayer.
  6. Re-prime the sprayer by engaging the trigger for up to 30 seconds, until it begins to spray.
  7. Check the nozzle for clogs.If the sprayer tip is clogged, don’t use soap or other cleaning agents to clean it. If necessary, clean the outer sprayer surface only with a damp towel. Never submerge the wand handle in water.

If you're still having problems, don't hesitate to reach out to our Consumer Services team.

Quick Tip:

When storing your Sure Shot® Wand or Comfort Wand® for long periods of time (like over the winter), remove the batteries from the wand. If the batteries corrode inside the wand, you will likely need to replace it.