How to Get Rid of Bamboo in Your Landscape

3 steps to stop bamboo from running wild.


Bamboo can be a beautiful plant. But left uncontrolled, it can become an invasive problem. Even though the hollow grass only produces seeds every 7–12 years, its rhizomes spread far and wide. These tough, underground stems can even withstand some herbicides and most environmental elements. So, when it comes to dealing with bamboo, sometimes you need to be aggressive.


Clumping bamboo varieties are the good guys. This type of bamboo grows outward from its center and typically stays in one spot. 
Running bamboo is what you need to watch out for. This type spreads via underground stems, called rhizomes, to quickly multiply throughout your landscape. Since all the shoots are connected underground as one plant, it can be very difficult to remove.


  1. Hand-pull the bamboo

    Pull out as many shoots, roots, and rhizomes as possible. For bamboo plants that are particularly pesky, cut the canes as close to the ground as you can.

  2. Bring in back-up

    Cut larger plants just below the stem joints. Then, pour one tablespoon of undiluted Roundup® Weed & Grass Killer Super Concentrate into the hollow reservoir. Bam! The canes will start turning brown in 7–14 days.

  3. Follow up frequently

    Keep an eye on the infested areas and treat any foliage that starts to grow back. It also helps to keep the area freshly mowed. Eradication may take several years of diligent effort, but don’t worry. You got this.


If you keep bamboo in your landscaping, remember that it can take over your yard and is extremely hard to remove. Fortunately, a simple barrier is all it takes to prevent it from spreading. Just push 20-inch pressure-treated wood boards into the ground around your plant, with about 2 inches protruding from the ground. Then, remove any rhizomes that start to grow outside the barrier.

 If you’re thinking about adding bamboo to your outdoor space, always purchase clumping varieties of bamboo. Many cities ban non-clumping types, so be sure to check with yours before proceeding.

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