Where Can I Use Roundup® Landscape Weed Preventer?

Roundup® Landscape Weed Preventer is formulated to prevent weed seeds from germinating throughout your landscape.

If you're tired of pulling weeds, you've come to the right place. Roundup® Landscape Weed Preventer is formulated to prevent weed seeds from germinating throughout your landscape so they never even get to the "pull" stage. Not sure where you can use it? Allow us to enlighten you.

Where to Use:

 In Annual Flower Beds

 Around Established Trees & Shrubs

 Around Perennials & Ornamental Grasses

 Around Ground Covers

 Around Bulbs

Where Not to Use:

 On Lawns

 Around Vegetables and Other Edible Plants

 When Planting Seeds

Tips for Success:

  • Only use Roundup® Landscape Weed Preventer on established plants.
  • Before applying Roundup® Landscape Weed Preventer, thoroughly water newly planted areas and be sure the soil has been packed around the roots of your plants.
  • Allow 2 weeks for newly planted areas to become established before treating them with Roundup® Landscape Weed Preventer.
  • To prevent staining on hard surfaces such as stone or concrete, sweep up any stray granules right away.
  • Roundup® Landscape Weed Preventer can also stain the plants themselves, so rinse leaves with water if you accidentally spill some product on them.
  • If you have more questions, chances are the answers can be found right on the label.