What Are Weed Control Solutions for Flower and Landscape Beds?

Weeds love to hang out in your flower and landscape beds.

Weeds will seize any chance they get to move into your flower and landscape beds. Such beds are meant to spruce up your surroundings, but if left unkempt, they can allow aggressive weeds to steal the spotlight—not to mention precious water, sunlight, and nutrients—from the plants you do want there. Don't let these imposters take a starring role in your flower and landscape beds. Instead, stand up to them with Roundup® Weed & Grass Killer products.

"Left unkempt, weeds will steal the spotlight."

Here are 4 easy steps to control weeds in your flower beds and landscaping.

1. Remove the Weeds That Are Already There

The first step is to kill the weeds already wreaking havoc on your beds. To deal with those unwelcome guests—and any other weeds that may pop up during the season—spot-treat them with Roundup® Ready-To-Use Weed & Grass Killer III with Sure Shot® Wand. The shield on the Sure Shot® Wand helps to contain the spray, so none of it gets on your beloved landscape plants and flowers.

2. Stop 'Em Before They Start

To stop weeds before they even have a chance to start growing, try Roundup® Landscape Weed Preventer. Simply apply it to the soil around your plants in the spring before weed seeds start to sprout, and viola! You're covered for up to 6 months of weed prevention.

3. Lay Down Mulch

Spreading a 2- to 3-inch deep layer of mulch around the plants in your beds not only provides your landscape with an elegant finishing touch, but it also gives it an added layer of protection against germinating weed seeds.

4. Make Weeding a Priority

One of the best ways to tackle weeds is to stay on top of removing them as soon as they pop up—root and all. Hand-pulling the new guys while they're young will keep them from spreading their seeds once mature.

These 4 steps will help keep the focus on your flowers and not the weeds. Now that's a win-win!