How to Identify Crabgrass

If you suspect that you have crabgrass in your lawn, read these four hints to help you identify it.

There are a few ways to identify crabgrass in your lawn:

  • Appearance: Crabgrass has a distinctive appearance with long, finger-like blades that extend from a central stem. It is often lighter in color than the surrounding grass and can have a slight blue-green tint.
  • Growth habit: Crabgrass grows low to the ground and tends to spread out in a circular pattern. It also produces seed heads on tall stalks that rise above the surrounding grass.
  • Time of year: Crabgrass typically emerges in the late spring or early summer when soil temperatures are consistently above 55°F.
  • Location: Crabgrass tends to grow in areas of your lawn that receive full sun and where the soil is thin or bare.

If you suspect that you have crabgrass in your lawn, you can confirm it by examining the plant's characteristics and comparing them to pictures or descriptions of crabgrass. You can also consult with a lawn care professional or a local garden center for more information on identifying and controlling crabgrass.