How to Use Roundup Advanced® Ready-to-Use

Roundup Advanced® Ready-to-Use fast acting formula for non-selective spot treatment of individual weeds leaves visible effects after treatment, and actively growing susceptible weeds are controlled within 1-2 days. It leaves no harmful residue in the soil.

This product is recommended for control of undesirable plants in and around the garden, on patios, sidewalks, driveways, under fences and around established trees and shrubs. Use to edge along driveways, sidewalks and to control weeds in gravel and mulch.

How to use:

  1. No dilution or mixing is required.
  2. Apply in sunny warm weather to actively growing young weeds less than 10 cm tall.
  3. Turn the adjustable nozzle to achieve the desired spray pattern.
  4. For most applications, use a coarse spray that can be targeted to uniformly and thoroughly wet only unwanted foliage.

Note: Complete coverage is necessary for best results. Weeds that are mature, dormant or hardened due to moisture stress tend to be more tolerant to herbicide treatments. Retreatment of large weeds and regrowth of perennial weeds will be required. Only contacted vegetation will be affected. Rainfall or watering within 1 hour of application will reduce the degree of control. Do not re-enter or allow entry into the treated area until dry.